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Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose a Mortgage Provider. The Horn Funding Corp believes there are 3 significant values that separate us from our competition.

If you are seeking a Localized Transparent mortgage experience that you can TRUST- then choose The Horn Funding Corp for your mortgage financing needs.


Trust is the cornerstone of The Horn Funding Corp’s Mortgage Offering. As a borrower, you need to ‘TRUST’ the mortgage provider and believe that the provider has your ‘best interests’ at heart. The Horn Funding Corp will evaluate the Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term ‘Pros and Cons’ of obtaining financing and then work with you hand in hand through the home financing process.


In a marketplace where Mortgage Companies avoid clear communication & honesty about loan costs, rates, etc., The Horn Funding Corp has developed a culture of Transparency. This means clear and concise delivery of our loan products at fair rates. The Horn Funding Corp believes that YOU as the homebuyer should have access to relevant information to help you during the home financing process.


The Horn Funding Corp is a Local Company. More importantly, The Horn Funding Corp ACTS like a Local Company. In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly ‘Big Bank’, The Horn Funding Corp will take a deliberate approach to meeting your needs. This means answering your questions timely and in a concise manner.

Loan Types

Our Culture

The Horn Funding Corp is a local & family owned Colorado based Mortgage Provider. Structured to be agile and qualitative, The
Horn Funding Corp is the Non-Big Bank solution for people seeking mortgage options. The employees of The Horn
Funding Corp share the value system and strive to meet the needs and goals of ALL potential clients.

Joel A Horn, President

Joel is an industry leader who has developed an integrative mortgage system designed to meet the needs of homeowners. Joel has experience in ALL components of mortgage lending including: Loan Origination, Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Secondary Marketing and Technology. Joel started his mortgage career as an award winning Loan Officer at Waterfield Financial in 1997. Joel earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from The University of Northern Colorado.

Courtney L Horn, Vice President & Sr. Loan Officer

Courtney is a seasoned loan originator and industry leader that has closed over 3,000 clients since 2001. Clients have consistently raved about the level of service and ability to understand the specific needs of homebuyers. Courtney is well versed in FHA lending, VA loans, First Time Home Buyers, Jumbo Financing and Investor loans. Courtney earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.

The Horn Funding Corp believes in the LONG-TERM health of homeowners and strives to fulfill the expectations of ALL people seeking mortgage financing.